Wadi Fatimah Poultry Farm is a company of Ahmed Zainy & Sons group

The farm is located in the picturesque valley Wadi Fatimah at Zainy’s Village on Jeddah-Taif highway. The valley surrounded by mountains is also home to a variety of domestic animals.

Wadi Fatimah Poultry Farm caters to a large customer base in the region including retailers, supermarkets, bakeries, hotels, hospitals and catering companies. We produce fresh, natural and protein-rich eggs. Thus we are able to provide our customers with the best value for their money.

Wadi Fatimah Poultry Farm established in the year 1976, Wadi Fatimah farm was expanded in a big way in 1980. The facility now consists of four rearing houses that accommodate more than one hundred thousand chicks and pullets and 12 layer houses that accommodate over 350,000 laying chickens.

Wadi Fatimah Poultry Farm is poised to address the ever growing demand for poultry produce. We have upgraded our infrastructure with advanced technologies in response to market trends. We strictly follow international standards in all our operations to ensure quality.

A modern fleet of refrigerated trucks are used for effective and timely distribution of daily produce to all customers in the region.

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